Kungfu Magazine 2004 January/February
Meet the King of Lion Dancers.

January/February 2004 Cover Story:
The Lion King - Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung & the Fighting Lions of Yau Kung Mon

By Gene Ching (with Dr. Richard Wan)

The Original Emperor?s Long Fist System - Grandmaster Chao Yuh Feng
By David E. Kash and Derek G. Prout

Three Magic Mirrors to Reveal the Purity of Your Kung Fu - Judging a Style
By Adam Hsu

The 6 Elbows of Kung Fu - A Rare Southern Style
By Chun Man Sit

The Real Fists of Fury - The Artists & Artistry of Mizong Quan
By Hon K. Lee

Revealing the Secret Small Circle Application Form of Quang Ping Yang Tai Chi - Fa Jing and the Kuo Lien-Yang Form
By Janine Chin Fowlds

Pioneer of Therapeutic Martial Arts in North America - Master Helen Wu
By Andrew Nigel

The Rope Dart - Kung Fu?s Soft Weapon
By Ruben Villarreal

The Zero Points of Wing Chun - Augustine Fong?s Lineage Continues
By Patrick Gordon

Shaolin?s Second Wave - Two Shaolin Disciples Found A Silicon Valley Start-Up
By Gene Ching (with Gigi Oh)

It was 30 Years Ago Today... - Master Aiping Cheng Remembers the Historic 1st U.S. Wushu Tour
By Gigi Oh (with Gene Ching)

Here The Legends Live On - Traditional Martial Arts Captured in Graphic Novels
By Shawn Sanders

The Eight Section Brocade of General Yue Fei Part 1 - Qigong for the Warrior
By PengCheng Chen and Feng Wu

Tournaments & Events
How to Run A Successful Tournament - Jimmy Wong?s 6th Annual Taiji Legacy
By Gigi Oh (with Gene Ching)

2003 National Freestyle Lion Dance Championship
By Wayne Chan

The Seattle Kung-Fu Club Celebrates Its 40 Year Anniversary
By Seattle Kung-Fu Club

Grandmaster Sun Jianyun 1914 - 2003
By Gigi Oh & Gene Ching

Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching )

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