Kungfu Magazine 1995 Spring

1995 Spring Cover Story:
From the Strength of Many: Kajukenbo's Classic Blend Produces a Deadly Street System.

Kajukenbo emphasizes four factors: self-defense, body contact, take-downs, and groundwork. Combined, they make kajukenbo a street-related system. Kajukenbo is a combination of hard and soft movements, joining strong power blocks and strikes with soft, circular blocks and flowing movements

Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen Remembered
On september 25, 1994, the world mourned the passing of the preeminent fourth generation stylist of the Yang family of tai chi chuan. What would be his last interview was conducted by our publisher, Gigi Oh, who hosted Grandmaster Fu on a visit to San Francisco

Sword Polisher's Record: Form are Just Desserts
Forms are actually empty. Yes, we practice the form, but we actually work on building up the kung fu

Combat Sense: Respect
Believe me, a disciple who views his teacher as a peer is doomed to inferior instruction and limited development as a combat artist

Traditional Wushu Association Report: The Ranking System-Rainbows on Our Horizon
In the past, traditional Chinese martial arts had no ranking system. This has caused trouble, particularly from the viewpoint of promoting the art

Chinese Kuntao: An Angry Hornet Among Killer Bees
Most American, on seeing kuntao, might think it only a little different from kung fu, but to the old masters of Southeast Asia, there is a world of difference

Kali, Arnis and Escrima
Kali, arnis and escrima are fighting styles indigenous to the Philippine Islands. Using implements common to the land-sticks of hardwood and knives called bolos-the Filipinos developed a fighting art form that is as effective today as it was during the infamous battle of Mactan

The Dikin: Topple Your Assailant with the Weapon that Works as a Shield, Stick and Noose
The dikin can protect a wide area. The techniques of getting close to the attacker are the same as those applied against an unarmed assailant, or against an attacker wielding a stick or a knife

The Challenge of Chin-Na
Chin-Na includes techniques that represent several different aspects of combat. Techniques of locking, throwing, and pressure point attacks via striking and strangulation are all found in the chin-na arts

Shuai-Chiao for Sanshou Competition
Shuai-chiao is one example of a system which, while rich in history, is able to express its strength in modern times as well-including competition

Iron Shirt: The Hard Side of Qigong
Hard qigong develops qi not only to protect the internal organs and enable the practitioner to withstand physical blows, but also to repair the body after damage has been inflicted. This is why hard qigong training cannot be omitted

Immortal's Alchemy: An Ancient Method to Health and Longevity
Xian Xua is the science of immortalism. Chinese lore relates that the tradition of ancient life scientists goes back to the mythical times of the Yellow Emperor

Intermediate Shawn Kung
Intermediate shawn kung is an extension of the basic level practice; while emphasizing the same principles, it further provides exercises that help students obtain more results

Enhancing Qigong Practice with Acupressure
A few energy points, when used in combination, can help people relieve many kinds of pain

Standing Like a Stake
For centuries, the Chinese people developed various "folk" systems of preventative medicine and physical therapy. Known as chi kung or qigong, these health-nourishing systems are in some ways similar to Indian yoga; however, Chinese method place little emphasis on extreme flexibility

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