Kungfu Magazine 1995 Fall

Cover Story:
Secret of Chen Village
Through 19 generations, Chen Family Tai Ji has struggled to retain its very essense: they symbiosis of hard and soft energies that bestow the art's power. Now Master Chen Qingzhou of China bears the honor and responsibility of guarding one of China's greatest treasures

Sword Polisher's Record: Stupid Training: Are You Pursuing the Wrong Goal?
During the years of my kung fu training, I was very young. I practiced long hours, sweated a lot, and suffered much pain both mentally and physically. And for what purpose? To serve others: meaning to beat them, pound them-well, even kill them

Traditional Wushu Association Report: Let's All Win
Do three major competitions within three days serve the individual tournaments, their sponsoring organizations, or kung fu itself?

The Ten Seeds of Choy Li Fut
As rich and broad-based as Choy Li Fut is, as a style it revolved around ten relatively basic hand techniques which are also commonly referred to as the Ten Seeds of Choy Lif Fut. You could say that once these seeds are planted, they can become the very roots of a martial art

Practical Knife Skills for the Civilian Martial Artist
The chances of being involved in a knife-against-knife fight are only slightly better than the odds against your single-handedly foiling an airline hijacking attempt using only the small pocketknife you were allowed to bring on board. However, while the odds against being in a knife fight are high, the chances of being assaulted by a knife-weilding thug are not

Why is your Style Like That?
The saying "Necessity is the mother of invention" holds especially true for the traditional Chinese martial arts. All of wushu kung fu's techniques and achievements were born of the need to defend one's self and others from harm and to cultivate one's body, mind, and spirit to be better prepared for life' events

The Pillars of Hung Gar
It's dawn, misty and cool. We stand in the courtyard of a small Buddhist temple in the southern Chinese city of Fut Shan, Kwangtung Province. As the sun rises, there stands a solitary figure; he is moving with dynamic force and expression, clawing, striking, pecking, kicking, moving as though possessed of the spirits of a fierce tiger and a graceful crane

The Steel Whip
"It is a difficult weapon. It is a dangerous-looking weapon. It is an exciting weapon. I like the combination of all those things, pluse I like the flash that it creates when you demonstrate with it," says Karyn Turner. "To me, it is the granddaddy of weapons."

Arousing the Dragon
One of the beginner's form of qigong is Huo Lung Cheng Ching Gong, or Arousing the Dragon in the Body's Energy Pathways. This combined meditaion and exercise brings strength to all your bodily organs, clears the mind, and relieves stress

International Qigong Conference Highlights Healing and Research
Does qi move differently on the North Pole? Can it help you to lose weight or conquer depression? The best and brightest researchers gathered in Canada recently to present their amazing findings

Chi Through the Dim Mak Fighting Form
Internal energy can be cultivated through a fighting form. Practicing Immortal's Blood Heaven' Chi corretly will develop chi that will work for you when it counts: under attack!

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