Kungfu Magazine 2004 July/August
2004 Shaolin Special

KFM 2004 July/AugustCover Story:
Real vs. Fake: Shaolin Monk Shi Decheng on What Makes a Monk

By Gene Ching (Xinglong)

Shaolin Temple in San Francisco Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxing, California?s ?Songshan Shaolin Temple Day,? UNESCO and a Buddhist Music Concert
By Gene Ching (Xinglong)

Meat, Wine, & Fighting Monks:
Did Shaolin Monks Breach Buddhist Dietary Regulations?
By Dr. Meir Shahar

The Pagoda of the Great Master
By Shawn Liu (Deru)

Shaolin Here and Now:
Senior Monk Shi Deyang Contemplates the Mystery of Shaolin Zen
By Gene Ching (Xinglong)

Shaolin Lohan 18 Hand Movements Lohan Shi Ba Shou
By Madonna St. Clair, Minette Chiu & Raymond Tang

Shaolin Fist in Budapest:
Monk Shi Xinghong at the Hungarian Shaolin Temple Trains Cops, Ex-Comrades and World Travelers
By Martha Burr

Reconciling the Martial Aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu with the Precepts of Zen Buddhism A Frank Discussion with Shaolin Warrior Monk,Lipeng Zhang
By James A. Honda

Diamond Thunderbolt of Zen:
The Esoteric Monk Cudgel
By Gene Ching

Shaolin?s Core Building Blocks
By Shifu Shi Xinghao and Dieter Wagner (Xing Da)

Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan
By Master Shi Xing Ying

A Short Discussion on Zen Practice
By Venerable Shi Guolin with His-Ling Chang

The 5 Basic Stances: Disciple Hengxin reveals the Universal Methods behind Wubu Quan
By Hengxin and Arlene Yau

Shaolin Kung Fu on Compact Disc: How VCD?s are Transforming the Teaching
By John Greenhow

The New Monks-Sin City?s Hidden Weapon, Shi Xingwei, the Lone Monk in the West
By Gene Ching (Xinglong)

New York?s Shi Guocan
By Jennifer Oh

Shi Hengshan & Shi Zihao of New York
By Jonathan Oh

Little Monk All Grown Up: Houston?s Shi Yanfeng
By Gene Ching (Xinglong)

Bringing the Past to Life
By Brian Kennedy

Tournaments & Events
Many Blessings:
Author Bob Feldman passes at 58
By Sifu Randy Elia

Graduate Kung Fu:
Stanford University Offers Division Course in Chinese Martial Arts
By Gene Ching

Wushu Student Body:
The 8th Annual Collegiate Wushu Championships
By Nic Heggen

Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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