Kungfu Magazine 1996 January

Cover Story:
Hising-Jing's Explosive Power!

Hsing-Jing turns Hsing-I's powerful moves into a street-savvy system with massacre power. Learn the specifies of how to make your strike, which part of the hand to strike with, foot movements and body angles that give you the advantage

Sword Polisher's Record: Matching Kung Fu's DNA Don't be led astray by fancy costumes, music or self-made family trees. This DNA checklist helps you search for a good kung fu coach or master

Traditional Wushu Association Report:
Ma Hong: Living the Art of Taiji Quan
This Traditional Wushu Association fifth anniversary article talks about the meaning and use of the yin-yang symbol, a review of their accomplishments, ideas and some notable personalities

Inside the Shaolin Temple
This story answers the four main questions about the Shaolin monks and their temple

Which Way Wushu
In an exclusive interview with kungfu Publisher Gigi Oh, two of China's offical: Shaozu Wu, Minister of the Commission for Physical Culture and Sports of the People's Republic of China and Yao Ting Zhang, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Internaitonal Wushu Federation and Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association share their ideas about Wushu's future

The Biggest Chinese Martial Arts Competition In The History of the World
What do you get when you have more than 800 athletes from 54 countries competing for four days? This photo-essay gives final results and shows what you missed if you didn't get to go there yourself

Don't Take It Lying Down
Grandmaster Eric Lee's step-by-step techniques for defending yourself when you are attacked while lying down

Why is Your Style Like That?
Part two of an in-depth study of how the fighting techniques of Northern and Southern China compare, and differ, how they got that way, when they were developed, who developed them and why

Chi Kung For Everybody Learn how different forms can help build energy, improve the immune system, and transmit the chi to others to treat various bodily imbalances and illnesses. Add these for step-by-step forms to your conditioning

Separating Chi From Chicanery
Grandmaster William Cheung discusses his personal ideas on Wing Chun's meridians and mysteries, respect, and the deceptions that hinder your search for the truth

Chinese Journey:
Qi Healing Against the Odds
The author's personal battle against cyctic fibrosis, and his use of chi to improve his condition

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