Kungfu Magazine 2004 November/December

KF-TC Nov/Dec 2004 Cover Story:
The Circle of Eight

Bagua Master He Jing-Han Discusses Tradition, Fast Food and Art of Sax By Gigi Oh (with Gene Ching and Jonathan Oh)

MMA & The Future of Kung Fu
By Antonio Graceffo

The Four Feeling Internal Method of Hung Ga?s Iron Wire Form
By Master Frank Yee (Yee Chi Wai), translated by Pedro Cepero-Yee

Wudang Martial Arts: The Eight Requirements and Three Mistakes
By Prof. Yuzeng Liu and Terri Morgan

Multiple Attackers Using Wing Tsun?s Chum Kiu Techniques
By Keith Sonnenberg

A Breakthrough Towards Solving the Mysteries of Internal Power
By Wei-Chung Lin

Lashing Out Riddles of Kung Fu?s Lashing Staff
By Gene Ching

Power Training in Xingyi
By Johnny Jang

Pigua Zhang: Is it Ideal for Women?
By Belida Han Uckun

That Son Than Quyen Fa Jin & Spiritual Martial Arts
By Tran Khai Hoai

From the White House to the Olympics
Veteran Master Han Mingnan on the Evolution of Wushu
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Chan?s Latest Production: Jackie?s Kitchen
By Dr. Craig Reid

Neijia for the New Millennium : The 29th Annual Zhang San Feng Festival
By Gene Ching

Born to Fight IV Delivers Explosive San Shou Action
By Gary Shockley

5th Pan American Wushu Championships Held in Virginia
Courtesy of the USAWKF

Sanda Super Fights in Brazil are a Knockout
By Michelle Harris

San Diego Grand Nationals
By Simo Patrice Lim

Honoring Kung Fu Ancestor The Inaugural Five Tigers All Kung Fu Championships
By William Collins

Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Kung Fu Wisdom:
Yi Dan Er Li San Gong Fu
By Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng

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