Kungfu Magazine 2005 May/June
Shaolin Special 2005

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 05/2005 Cover Story
Shaolin Trinity

Shaolin Monk Shi Dejian Discusses the 3 Treasures
By Gene Ching

80th Birthday of Living Bodhisattva
Granmaster Shi Suxi Celebrates Eight Decades
By Yi Hong with Shi Deyang and Deru

Rebuilding Shaolin Temple for the Next Millennium
Interview with Shaolin Abbot, Venerable Shi Yongxin
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

The Biggest Buddha in the World
The Company Behind Shaolin?s Redevelopment Curtain, Zeenji Networld
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

Shaolin Temple Reincarnated
New Highway, New Entrance, New Halls, New Loti
By Gene Ching

The Wu Gulun Sect of Shaolin Temple
By Shi Xingxiao & Pang Jianming

The Frescoes of White Garment Hall
By Jin Qin

The Foreigner in Shaolin Temple
A Story of sHan Li, the Longest Staying Foreigner in Shaolin in over 500 Years
By Erik Nagelvoort

An Iron Head Points to the Moon
Shaolin Wushuguan?s Senior Master, Monk Shi Sugang
By Gene Ching

The Rod of the First Patriarch
Monk Shi Decheng Reveals Shaolin?s Tamo Cane
By Gene Ching

To Throw a Needle Through Glass
By Chen Xinghua

7 Star Fist
Shaolin Qixing Quan Revealed
By Shifu Shi Xing Ying with Grace Gee, Bujin Guo, and Chen Xinghua

Featured Weapon
Monk Spade
By Gene Ching

Mental Practice in Physical Stillness
By Venerable Shi Guolin

Shaolin Wheel of Life and Monk Shi Yanling
By Gene Ching

Kung Fu Ballet
The Tentative Debut of China?s New Show, Shaolin in the Wind
By August West

Shaolin Dog Boxing
An Interview with Master Zaipei Lin
By Chen Pengcheng

Jet Li?s Finally Barking Up the Right Tree
By Craig Reid

Tournaments & Events
China Songshan Shaolin Temple Cultural Academy Established in Hong Kong
Principal Monk and American Ambassador Shi Yanfeng visits Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Yau Kung Mon Lion Dancers Bring Luck to Vegas
By Kelley L. Gin

The Gala Premiere of Cirque Du Soliel?s New Show, KA
By Gene Ching

Wind & Water
Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Kung Fu Wisdom
Wind & Water

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