Kungfu Magazine 1996 August/September

Cover Story:
How the Yin/Yang Principle can make you a Better Fighter

One of the most important principles is the concept of yin and yang-the basis of Wing Chun's belief that force should not be fought with force. This belief is reflected in all Wing Chun principles, and is fundamental to Wing Chun's philosophies and physical applications

Seven Sanshou Tips

Two Sifu Discuss: How Kung Fu Has Weakened and How to Strenghten It Again

Contradicting a Legend

Kung Fu on the High Seas
The Martial Arts of Asian Pirates

White Tiger's White Hair Fist Push Hand Exercise Two

Dragon Form Wu Goon
Harnessing Chi Through Ancient Chinese Boxing

Five Elements Qigong: Part 4
Fire-Heart Qigong By Yuanming Zhang

Visiting the Palace of the Heavenly Dragon

Tiger's Tale

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