Kungfu Tai Chi 2005 November/December

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 06/2005Cover Story
The Big Dragon with the Magic Fists - China?s Great Grandmaster Cai Longyun

By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

A Tail?s Tale - One Lion Dancer?s First Time Performing the Tail
By Jill SBK Morneau

The Traditional Chicken of Xingyi
By Dr. Johnny Jang

The 3 Key Principles of Ngo Cho Kune - Scissoring, Absorbing, and Throwing Out
By Belida Han Uckun

Building Kung Fu Muscle Without Weights
By Antonio Graceffo

Is Wushu a Dying Art? - Champion Jack Tu Speaks Out
By John Brown

Hello Tiger - Wushu Champion Gao Jie
By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do

Featured Weapon
Green Dragon Crescent-Moon Sword
By Jonathan Oh and Wang Sheng Ji (with Gene Ching)

The Natural Laws of Wing Tzun
By Steve Mass

Qigong Botox
By Helen A. Buckett

Tournaments - Events
Zhang San Feng Grabs the Pearl - The 30th Annual Zhang San Feng Festival and Dao of Health Expo
By Gene Ching

Texas Hold?em - The 8th Annual Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championships
By Gene Ching

Here Comes the Judge - IWUF?s Cheng Huikun & the New Wushu Rules
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Dr. Steve Herring Passes
By Rich Hurschman

Gourmet Kung Fu - Bonfire Restaurant Fuses Martial Arts and Fine Dining
By J. P. Faiella

Wind & Water
Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Kung Fu Wisdom

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