Kungfu Magazine 2006 January/February

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Police Shuai Chiao Coach Master David CharngCover Story
The Grandmother of Kung Fu
Master David Charng & the Legacy of Shuai Chiao

By Gene Ching (with Gigi Oh)

Zi Ran Men Wu Gong - Natural Gate Wu Shu/Martial Arts/Boxing
By Liu Deming

The Traditional Chicken of Xingyi
By Dr. Johnny Jang

Kung Fu Hustle?s Chiu Chi Ling on the Soft Side of Hard Style
By Gene Ching

Good Training for Evil Deeds - Monitoring Whom You Mentor
By Michael Lizarraga

Master Charng?s Shuai Chiao - Training Methods
By Gigi Oh with Gene Ching

Wu Qi: Combat Energy - The Chinese Concept of Wu
By Adrian Chan-Wyles Ph. D

Featured Weapon - Fang Tian Hua Ji By Jonathan Oh and Wang Sheng (with Gene Ching)

Shu Shan (Emei) Xiao Yao - Bagua Sword By Helen Liang

Fu Zheng Song?s Bagua Zhang - An Interview with Master Liang Qiang Ya
By Chun Man Sit

Joy of Wushu
By Lily Liu-Chung

Tournaments - Events
Born to Fight V San Shou and Muay Thai By Gary W. Shockley

New Wushu Order - The New Rules for Taolu Competition Arouse Controversy
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

2005 USAWKF National Championships and U.S. Team Trials
By Gigi Oh (with Gene Ching)

3rd Annual International Open Martial Arts Championship
By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do

Tai Chi for Fitness at San Jose State University
By Mary Montoya

Strength & Unity - International Martial Arts Festival 2005
By Rose Saint-Stephen

Shaolin & Amnesty International
By Gene Ching

Master Frank Yee Conducts Testing, Seminars & Inner Room Discipleship Ceremony in Aberdeen, Scotland
By Pedro Cepero Yee

The Martial Arts Channel LaunchesBroadband with CMX
By Gene Ching

Wind & Water
Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Kung Fu Wisdom


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