Kungfu Magazine 1997 December/January
Everything you ever wanted to know about Taiji but never asked!

Cover Story:
Chen Xiaowang Speaks Out

Flowing in Two Directions
Adding Dimension to Your Taiji Quan

Mulan Quan
Translated From the taiji foundation comes a form for beauty and strength

Chen Combat
Misconceptions often pollute true respect for Chinese martial arts' potency. This is especially so for internal boxing. The unexposed student and the undertrained critic offer a plethora of questions and comments that are usually left unanswered. Unfortunately, this has been detrimental to the understanding and appreciation of authentic Chinese boxing

Leaving the Chrysalis
Yahg Style Unfolds its wings. How does one become a butterfly?" she asked pensively. "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."

Radical Taiji
Sun taiji quan combines three internal styles into one powerful art. Imagine if the government decided to ban martial arts, including taiji quan. They could cite a variety of reasons: It is too subversive, or too dangerous for civilians. Imagine the great masters being imprisoned and tortured, and the young rising champions forbidden to practice their art

Sparring is Not Fighting
As more Chinese-style martial arts spar in class and in tournaments, this wing chun expert asks if you're prepared for the street

Beggar's Style KungFu
Beggar's Style kung fu is one of China's more unusual martial arts. Also known as the wanderer's or vagabond's style, its interesting and varied history spans many centuries and many provinces

Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen Training
In the most recent issue of Wushu Kungfu, Sifu Lee recalled memories of his teachers and the early instruction they imparted. Here, he goes into detail, explaining how the modern practitioner can train for martial arts skill

Shaolin Story
The Seven Star system is from north China. Making much use of ripping hand actions and low kicks, it is a brutally effective fighting style. Seven Star Mantis is thought by some martial arts historians to be the most intact and orthodox northern Mantis style

Kun Yun Chuang Chi-Kung
Kun Yun Chuang is a very special exercise for developing internal energy. Created by Choa Kuang-Yin between 960 and 976 AD, it is the one basic chi-kung (also written as qigong) exercise for the Tai Tzu Chang Chuan system

The Qi to Focusing
Qi (also written as chi) is the transformation of energy through proper breath control, mental clarity, physical dexterity, acuteness and performance. It is a collaborated effort between the mind and body-that is, a sound mind and sound body

Ask the Experts
Do you have a question about martial arts weapons, techniques, training, history, psychology or forms? Enter the Temple of Knowledge and find your answer

Tiger's Tale

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