Kungfu Magazine 1997 February/March

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Talking With Jackie Chan

I know there are a lot of American movie that learn from me. They learn from what Jackie Chan choreographs. But the actor doesn't know how to do it. I know how to choreograph by myself. I know what I'm doing and I have my own stunt team. Like right now, a lot of American movie are hiring Hong Kong stunt guys. But if you hire them, you have to know how to use them. But they just don't know how to use them. They still use American rules.

Internal Aspects of Shaolin Fist
An ancient Shaolin saying states that "when the fist exerts extreme force, this force is generated out of internal energy." The internal and external abilities, (gongfu or kungfu) of martial arts are described based on their practice. Both internal and external gongfu skills are quite different from ordinary fist routines

King of Chinese Boxing
At an age when most athletes have long retired from competition in their respective sports. Master Hao Quan Jiang of boxing fame not only began a successful career as a diver, but also as a gymnast. In both sports he gained considerable national recognition. However, he especially made his mark in diving by winning dozens of gold medals and beating out much younger competitors in the process

Mei Flower Fist
The Mei flower is a delicate thing. The slightest breeze stirs tis petals. Against the hardness of bark its softness shines like spots of moonlight. Its delicacy is a dab of beauty in the world

Me and My Ten Shadows
The Sup Ying Kuen of Hung Gar. During the Yuan Dynasty (Mongolian rule, 1280-1368), Shaolin kungfu was destined for great change. Overshadowed by merging softer styles, it was in danger of becoming a lost art

Understanding Form and Will Boxing-Hsing I
Form and will boxing, widely known as Hsing I boxing, has been learned throughout its history by a great number of people in China. It cultivates the mind and body, and is suitable for all ages. Its theories are profound-even ambigous-yet because its actions are simple, with decisive effects, Hsing I boxing has attracted numerous Wushu enthusiasts all over the world

Wushu Wows West
Most kungfu practitioners hold the dream that they will one day visit China, to see for themselves the talented practitioners of the Asian arts. Though for some this goal will remain elusive, the essence of the dream came true for thousands of spectators fortunate enough to see the China's Kungfu Champions 1996 US Tour

Stories Under the Rosewood Altar
The Lineage of 7-Star Praying Mantis Kungfu. Lai lai(come, come), said the elderly master Chun to a group of his loyal students, gesturing with his hands for them to gather around. Behind him was an enormous rosewood altar adorned with couples that pronounced, "Praying Mantis is as great as the earth," and "Seven Stars are as vast as the heavens."

The Shoe Fits
Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen Shaolin kicks are amoung the most powerful around-due in part to the surprise weapon you're carrying right now

The Birth of Qigong: Medical Temples and Taoism in Ancient China
Make a practice of quientness and so lengthen the days of your life. For a thousand years, people have come to the Yao Wang Mountain Medical Temple to obtain medical advice and the ingredients to make up prescriptions. Throughout the courtyards they set up steles(granite slabs) on which were carved medical texts containing recipe and methods of treatment for various common ailments

Wild Goose Qigong Journeys West
Wild Goose qigong(Dayan qigong) was created by Taoist monks within the Kunlun mountain range, to the West of China, just north of Tibet, over, 1,800 years ago. Kunlun Shan was also home to many wild geese. Their natural beauty and grace captivated the monks who observed their every movement

Aske the Experts
When learning the history of an art. What are the most important things to remember?

Tiger's Tale

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