Kungfu Magazine 1997 June/July

Cover Story:
Adam Hsu
Bringing the Spirit of Baji & Pigua to the World

The 18 Routines of the Enlightened Ones
By Salvatore Canzonieri

Stick to It!
Staff Training Tips from the National Wushu Training Center
Eric Chen

Putting the Chinese Back in Jeet Kune Do
The Chronicle of JKD's encounter with the Kuoshu Federation of the Republic of China
By Lamar M. Davis II

Killed or be Killed
Famous Fighting Techniques of Ancient China
By Gary Bruce with Sifu Lou Li

Sanshou Special:
Sanshou: Sport in the Spotlight
The Rise of the Full Contact Kungfu Sport
Martha Burr

Sanshou's Fighting Women
Exploring the Woman's Place on the Lei Tai
By Martha Burr

Two Seconds? Too Little!
Sanshou's Bias against Grapplers Needs to be Taken Down
By Chi-Hsiu D. Weng PhD

Shuai-Chiao for Sanshou
Step by Step Shuai-Chiao takdowns
By Professor Kuang-Ming Chang

Staying Put in Guangdong
Reeping the Benefits of Qigong Takes Time
By Bob Mendel

Ancient Answers for a Changing World
Techniques for Quieting the Mind and Spirit in the loud Modern World
By Yuenan Sparky He, Tang Quan Sheng & Tao Wei

Hour of Power
Distilling an Ancient Art to a 60 Minute Workout
By Jane Hallander

Ask the Experts
Questions and Answers On the Use of Qi and the Mind

Tiger's Tale
Tiger's TaleTalk
By Patrick Lugo

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