Kungfu Magazine 1998 December/January

Cover Story:
The Way of the Universe

by Chi-Hsiu D. Weng & TC Media

On Wudang Mountain
Taoist Traditions ae at the Core of Wudang Martial Arts

Wudang Swordsmanship
Ancient China's Ultimate Weapon
By Jane Hallander

Hand of Fate, Will of Iron
Ray Jefferson challenges the loss of his five fingers by pushing his own limits as a martial artist
By Vivian Chen

Water Boxing
A balance of Hard & Soft, Motion & Stillness, Liu He Ba Fa is an Ancient and Unique form of Internal Martial Art
By Helen Liang & Gerald Hui

Taoist Women Poets
Known as Immortal Sisters, female Taoist adepts from the 4th to the 12th centuries illuminate spiritual knowledge & concepts of ancient Qigong though their poetry
By Martha Burr

Michelle Yeoh
Saves the World
By Martha Burr

Kungfu's 1st Pay-Per-View Get an Enthusiastic Responce
By Martha Burr

Korean Kung Fu
Tae Kwon Do's Chinese Heritage
By Jimmy Nixdorf

Golden Ring Awards Celebrate Asian Pacific Arts
Featuring special appearances by John Woo, Michelle Yeoh & Russell Wong
By J. Sheridan O'Malley

Special Report:
Jackie Chan's Sifu Yu Jim Yuen Dies at 95
By John Krend

Whirling Circles
Taoist Mysticism & I-Ching Principles within the Art of Pa Kua Chang
By Frank Allen & Clarence Lu

Thoughts on Taoist Qigong
More than just an approach to the body's health, Qigong is also a philosophy of the mind and spirit
By Master Yuanming Zhang

The Tao of Health
By Sam Lee & Amy Chow

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