Kungfu Magazine 2008 November/December
Special Xingyi Issue

<Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine November/December 2008Cover Story
Shaolin Masters Keeping the Faith
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

The Chinese Roots of Silat
By Na?a Murad

The Fist of Intention
By Rene Changsut

Harnessing the Power of General Yue Fei
By John Winnen

5 Approaches to Xingyiquan
By Brian Kennedy and Nai-Jia Guo

Xingyi?s Ground Dragon Canon
By Jake Burroughs

Shaolin?s Superstar Son
Shi Xiaolong, the Little Dragon
By Melody Chung

Getting Ahead in Mantis
By Andy Miles

A Lifetime Dedicated to the Martial Traditions
An Interview with Professor Ma Mingda

By William Acevedo, Mei Cheung and Brenda Hood Ph.D.

Sanshou Jichu Taolu
The Compulsory Basic Routine for Sanshou Beginners
By Emilio Alpanseque

Jackie Chan?s Disciple is Jack Tu
By Greg Lynch Jr.

Featured Weapon

Tiger Claw Elite Championships
Long Beach Internationals
By Elly Duchamp with Gigi Oh and Jonathan Oh

USAWKF Nationals and Team Trials
By Gigi Oh with Gene Ching

Chinese Wushu Treasure Stamp Album
By Lem Festeris

Shaolin at the National Geographic Museum
By Gary Gillis and Rose Saint-Stephan

Ralph Castro Celebrates 50 Years of Teaching Martial Arts
By Joe Nolan

Blessing the Lion Heads
By Greg Hebert

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November / December 2008: Special Xingyi Issue

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