Kungfu Magazine 1998 March
Featuring World Champion Yuan Wen Qing

Cover Story:
World Champion Yuan Wen Qing
China's Brightest Star

The Evolution of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
A lineage developed through use and principle

The Bruce Lee Library
An exclusive L.A. interview with Linda Lee Cadwell and John Little

Liu Yu
Wushu from the heart

An Interview with Anthony Goh
The President of USAWKF candidly discusses the past, present and future of America's foremost federation

Baltimore's USAWKF 1997 U.S. Nationals
Community characterizes late year event

Tai Yim's Hung Fut Kung Fu
The Essence of one of Southern China's most powerful system

The Fourth World Wushu Championships
The U.S. Team's triumph and hearbreak at Rome's International Wushu Gathering

Why are Masters Dying Young Today?
Contemplating the keys to longevity

Candle Punching
Fukian white crane's explosive power training exercises

Breathing Lessons
Qigong, lung capacity and cardiovascular risk

Tiger's TaleTalk

Tiger's Tale

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