Kungfu Magazine 2009 March/April
Wudang Special

Kungfu Magazine 2009 March/April Cover Story
American Wudang

By Gene Ching

RZA Reflects on Wu-Tang at Wudang Mountain
By Gene Ching

The Road to Wudang
By Zhou Xuan-Yun

3 Things You Might Not Know about Daoists
By Don Allen

Kung Fu Shoo-Fly
By Helen A. Buckett

Tai Yi Xuan Wu
By Don Allen

Featured Weapon
Deer Horn Knives

The Dao of Wudang Baguazhang
By David Wei

Battle at Wudang Mountain
Coverage of the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships at Wudang Mountain
By Donald Kiolbassa

5 Animal Frolics
By Annie Rose

Taiji Tire Training
By Brian L. Kennedy

8 Diagram Iron Palm
By John Brown

Art of War VII
By Gene Ching

Tiger Claw Elite Champions
By Jennifer Oh

Health Qigong Association USA Launches
By Sue Woo

Female Fury
By Gene Ching

United Martial Arts Academy becomes a Children?s Trust Grant Recipient
By Lem Festeris

Wulin Feng: USA Versus China
By Gene Ching

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March/April 2009 Wudang Special

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