Kungfu Magazine 1998 May

Cover Story:
The Jet Li Story

Now shooting Lethal Weapon 4, Wushu's most famous star makes the Hollywood leap!!!

Iron, Silk and Rubber
Grandmaster Pan's Breakfall Style

Back Chat With Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan's Q&A with fans at the San Jose film festival

An Interview with Zhang Hong Mei
Former Beijing Wushu Team Champion discusses aspects of teh internal arts, Taiji and Wushu in Japan and America

Hao Zhi Hua
Beijing Wushu Team's Supreme Female Champion

Li Jinheng and The Rope Dart
Beijing Wushu Team's Pioneer demonstrates the versatile weapon of hidden intentions

Beijing Wushu Team Comes to America
China's Premier Wushu Team to train and tour in Spring '98

A Portrait of Wu Bin
The Extraordinary Creator and Coach of the Beijing Wushu Team

Distinctive Southern Brand Kicking
From the Shadow Kick to Tiger Tail kick, Southern stryles deliver fast and devastating power from the legs

People to People and USAWKF Unite in China Trip
U.S. delegates will be martial arts ambassadors visiting Shaolin temple, Chen Jia Gou village and Beijing officials

USAWKF Inaugurates Hall of Fame
Athletes, promoters, and grandmasters honored at Baltimore ceremony

King of Eagle Claw Kung Fu
Lou Li Demonstrates the deadly precision of China's most powerful and dynamic style

Returning to Wholeness
Former Beijing wushu Team coach, Master Li Jun Feng takes the Evolutionary Path

5 Elements
Their influence on Qi and Qigong

Tiger's Tale
Tiger's Tale Talk

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