Kungfu Magazine 2009 May/June

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 2009 May/June Cover Story
It Takes a Village
The Taiji Economy of Chenjiagou
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Fundamental Martial Arts Conditioning: Jumping
By Jonathan D. Chang

The Eagle Essence in Dragon Kung Fu
By Peter Pena

A Day at the Beijing Opera
An Analysis of the Wushu and Acrobatic Skills of Beijing Opera
By Emilio Alpanseque

Featured Weapon
Twin Broadswords

Stance Work and Footwork
Zhanfa and Bufa
By Raphael Smith

The Professor of Sanshou
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

An Introduction to Hua Tuo's Five Animal Frolics
By Jane Qianying Zhao

When Filipino Arnis Turns into Chinese Chin Na
By Robert H. Boatman

Xingyi's Five Elements Linked Form
By Brian L. Kennedy

Sanshou in UFC
Patrick Barry Steps into the Octagon By Gene Ching


Ip Chun and Wan Kam Leung Inducted into Hall of Fame
By Darrell Jordan

Chinese Health Qigong Association hosted by UEWM and HQAUSA
By Sue Woo

The 2nd World Junior Wushu Championships: U.S. Team Has Best Results Ever at an IWUF Event
By Anthony Roberts

Muay Thai vs. Sanshou vs. K-1 at Beijing's Olympic Center
By Gene Ching

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May June 2009

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