Kungfu Magazine 2009 July/August

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Cover StoryKung  Fu Tai Chi Magazine July/August 2009
Master Jimmy Wong and the Legends of Kung Fu

By Gene Ching

The Heart of Double Whips
The Front Figure Eight
By Wang Fang

The Ability to React
Essential Training in Traditional Martial Arts
By Tom Dudkiewicz

The Military's Role in the Creation of the Fifth Brother 8 Diagram Pole
By Frank Yee and Pedro Cepero Yee

Six Unities, Eight Principles Helen Liang on Water Boxing
By Helen Liang

Songshan Shaolin Temple Day 2009
The Northern Temples
By Gene Ching

Interview with Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

The Southern Temple
By Greg Lynch

San Shou in the Ring or the Cage
By Rudi Ott

The Venerable Tigress
Grandmaster Xu Suzhen
By Chen Xinghua and Gigi Oh

Preserving the Tiger's Legacy
By Jose Paman

What is Internal Force?
By Thomas Robert Argiro

Featured Weapon
Arhat Hooks


Claw Marks:Adventures in the Middle Kingdom: KungFuMagazine's Gigi and Jonathan Oh's March 2009 China Trip
By Zhao Xiaohu

The 13th Annual Collegiate
Wushu Tournament
By Y. Chan

The 17th Annual U.C. Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in the Wake of the Olympics
By Gene Ching

Tina Turner's Ninjas
By Sue Woo

Mind over Matter II
Less Funding, No Belt, Still a Hype, Same Great Chess
By Ta Wayin

The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
By Sue Woo

Catching Up with Cung Le
Sanshou's Golden Boy to the Silver Screen
By Gene Ching

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July/August 2009

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