Kungfu Magazine 1998 July
The Legendary Wang Ziping

Cover Story:
Growing up with Wang Ziping and Madam Wang Jurong

A daughter's reminiscence of one of China's most famous Kung Fu families

Jook Lum Gee Tung Long Pai-Part 2
The softness and the deadly strikes of Southern Praying Mantis

Traditional Chinese Kung Fu in a New Hong Kong
Lee Kam Wing and 7-Star Mantis Style

Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu
The rich heritage of monks, legendary fighters and today's martial artists

Ling Gar Tzai Kune Do
The way of immobilizing an attack from its origin

Heroes of Ancient China
The chronicle of the Three Kingdoms and its legendary Warrior T'sao T'sao

Shannon Lee
Hong Kong action's newest star rises in the East

1998 International Wushu-Kungfu Festival and Championships
The place to be this summer

Lady Maverick
Japan's First Bodybuilding Champion and Hong Kong female action star Michiko Nishiwaki takes on Hollywood

Qigong Features:
Flexible and Sharp
The principles of the Internal Arts

18 Daoist Palms "Live 100 Years" Tonic
An introduction to Kung Fu Herbology with a tonic used for mediation

The Art and Science of Taiji
Grand Master Tingsen Xu's Art, Science and Spiritual Essence of Taiji

Tiger's Tale

Tiger's Tale Talk

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