Kungfu Magazine 2009 September/October

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine September/October 2009Cover Story
Chain Reaction
By Gene Ching

Only the Strong
By Chris Friedman

Fundamental Martial Arts Conditioning: Mountain Running
By Ricardo Tonet

Fighting Theory and Training Methods of Hung Ga's Eight Diagram Pole
By Frank Yee and Pedro Cepero Yee

Cracking the Shaolin Whip By John Brown

Featured Weapons
Dragon Headed Whip

Double Chain Whips and Butterfly Kicks
By Wang Fang

Standing Exercises for Taiji Qi Cultivation
By Dale Napier

Yang Luchan's Explosive Tai Chi
By James Whelan

Bagua Wrestling
By Brian Kennedy

Stepping into the Black
By Benny Meng

The 34th Annual Zhang San Feng Festival
By Gene Ching

Tiger Claw KungFuMagazine.com Championship
By Gene Ching

Jackie Chan and the Seven Little Fortunes Sing for Free in Chinatown
By Helen A. Buckett

USAWKF National Wushu Team Trials
By Gigi Oh and Sue Woo

Ving Tsun Grandmaster Wang Kiu 1923-2009
By Darrell Jordan

Always a Student: The Life of a Martial Savant - Mike Martello 1966-2009
By Jake Burroughs

The Awakening: Sanshou in MMA & Muay Thai
By Gene Ching

11th Annual ICMAC a Resounding Success
By Sue Woo

Wulin Feng Blows into Las Vegas
By Gene Ching

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Sept/Oct 2009 Issue

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