Kungfu Magazine 1998 September
Buck Sam Kong explores the legacy of Wong Fei Hung

Cover Story:
Buck Sam Kong Tames the Tiger

Gung Gee Fook Fut Legacy

Like a Tiger Crashing Down a Mountain
The story of Hung Gar

Autumn in Hawaii
Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen's Arthur Lee

Pui Chan and the Wah Lum Kung Fu Association
From Shantung Province to Florida's American Temple

The Lily Lau Story
Lau Fat Mang's daughter makes sure the circle of eagle claw remains unbroken

Single Arm Immortal Nuns and White Haired Devils
Tai Yim's Hung Fut Legacy

Wai Hong
Father of Fu Jow Pai Tiger Claw System

Hung Gar from Canton to New York
Wong Fei Hung, Tang Fung, Yuen Ling and Frank Yee.

A Master Remembered
The history of Dean Chin and Jow Ga Kung Fu

The Roots & Culture of Hung Gar
Shadows of Ha Say Fu Hung Gar lie between Shaolin Temple and WIng Lam

Virtue and Honor - Ip Man's Legacy to Wing Chun
An exclusive interview with Grandmaster Ip Ching on the origins of the style

Origins of Choy Li Fut
Tracing Lineage from Chan Heung to Doc Fai Wong

Tat Mau Wong's Fighting Years
Choy Lay Fut with Lee Koon Hung in Hong Kong and Singapore

Bruce Lee
Anniversary of the Dragon

Jet Li Live in L.A.
An exclusive with Lethal Weapons 4's Kung Fu stars

San Francisco's Y.C. Wong
Finding the Depth of Kung Fu

Tiger's Tale Talk

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