Kungfu Magazine 1999 January
Shaolin Special

Cover Story:
The Shaolin Story
1500 Years

rom Siddhartha to Shaolin
Chinese Buddhism and the Shaolin School

Postcards from China
Shaolin and Beyond

The Great Grand Master Su Xi
Shaolin Temple's Grand Abbot

The Shaolin Dream
An intimate Look At the Kids of Shaolin

Grasshopper Was Make Believe
My Experience of the Original Shaolin Temple

The Unification of Shaolin Ch'an Buddhism and Kung Fu
The Martial Pathway to Ch'an

The Long Road to Shaolin
Zhang Yaoting on Rebuilding the Temple

How Jet Li Saved the Shaolin Temple
Another Shaolin Hero

Shaolin Tongzigong
Youth Qigong

The Saga of Shaolin Chi Kung
Damo's Sinew Change Classic, Eighteen Lohan Hands, and Marrow Washing Classic Evolve Through 1500 Years

A Taste of China 1998
Yang Zhen-duo and Jou Tsung Hwa Top List of Taiji Masters at This Year's Event

Canada Hosts the Hemisphere
The 2nd Pan American Wushu Championships

Tiger's Tale Talk

Tiger's Tale

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