Kungfu Magazine 2010 May/June
Shaolin Special

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine May/June 2010 Virgin Kung Fu
By Gene Ching

Venerable Shi Yongxin
Abbot of Shaolin Temple
By Gene Ching, translated by Gigi Oh

The Muscle Tendon Change Classic: Yijinjing
By William Oh

The Origin of Shaolin Taizu Changquan
Grand Ancestor of all Shaolin Boxing
By Salvatore Canzonieri

Tai Chi and the Emperor's Fist
By Gene Ching

Shaolin Shibashi Jibengong
By Scott Jeffery

The Legend of the Tiger: Stories from Shaolin
By Paula Bailey with Shi Yanran and Diana Hong

Featured Weapon

Black Tiger Broadsword

Following the Thread
Examining Shaolin Spear Techniques
By Zhang Kunlun (with assistance from Jeff Hung)

Dan Hardy
An Outlaw in Shaolin Temple
By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do

Embroidering Shaolin with Flowers
Modern Wushu versus Shaolin Theater
By Gene Ching

Should Warrior Monks Disrobe?
By Gene Ching


Afterschool Youth Program Teaches Academics with Traditional Kung Fu
By Zhao Xiaohu

Chinese Wushu Research Institute Names New Expert Committee
By Gigi Oh, with Wu Bin and Zhao Xiaohu

World Ving Tsun Athletic Association Names 2009 Hall of Fame Recipients
By Zhao Xiaohu

ICMAC National Kick-Off in San Diego a Success!
By Nick Scrima

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Shaolin Special 2010 (May/June)

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