Kungfu Magazine 2010 July/August

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine July/August 2010 Cover Story
Is The Karate Kid a Kung Fu Dream?
By Gene Ching

12 Points Hitting Warm-up
By Dennis Beck

Shaolin Seven Praying Mantis
By Scott Jeffrey

China's Shuai Jiao MMA Connection
By Chris Friedman

Three Essential Elements to Close Quarter Combat
By David Wei

Featured Weapons
Sun and Moon Spear Blades

Rooting Skill
By Patrick Manriquez

Secrets within Taijiquan Structure
A Glimpse into the Physical and Esoteric Benefits
By Loretta M. Wollering Donnelly, MS

Taiji versus Xingyi
The Power Behind Two Internal Martial Arts
By Raphael Smith

Fight Like an Animal
Fighting Concepts from the Angry Monkey Style
By Gino Belfiore

Tournaments - Events - News
14th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament
By Lawrence Chinn with Dean Royal

Amateur MMA in the Dragonhouse
By Chris Lewin

Master Malee Khow performs for Dr. Henry Lee at the University of New Haven in Connecticut Ex-Sanshou Champion Jenna Castillo Defends Muay Thai Belt at War of the Heroes 5

I CMAC "Big-D" Off to a Great Start!
By Nick Scrima

Martial Artists Benefit Quake Victims
By Gene Ching

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine July/August 2010

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