Kungfu Magazine 1999 March
Bruce Lee's Wing Chun Legacy

Cover Story:
Bruce Lee's Wooden Dummy Sets

JKD Free-Lance Dummy Sets and Jun Fan Wing Chun Dummy Sets at the Inosanto Academy Today

The Ving Tsun Museum
Dayton, Ohio Gives Permanent Home to Wing Chun History and Artifacts

Moy Yat
The Art of the Tradition

Arm Yourself the Southern Way
Southern Chinese Styles Train the Forearms for Blocking, Trapping & Locking

Just A Feeling
Push Hands and Striking Hands - Sensitivity for Sanshou

Bruce Lee and The Master Mark Connection
Praying Mantis Master Mark Gin Foon Remembers Teaching a Young Bruce Lee

Beijing Wushu Team in L.A.
The Power of Speed

How to use the Principles of Wing Chun to Add Power to Your Martial Art Techniques

Wing Chun's Secret Eight Kicks
Stephen Chan on Wing Chun Kicking Techniques

Wang Shutian and his Bagua Sanshou Swordplay
A Whirlwind of Bagua and Free Fighting Movements

The Lost Art of Flexibility
Paulie Zink on Complete Kungfu

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