Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 2010 September + October
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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine September October 2010 Cover Story
That Kung Fu Guy

By Gene Ching

The King of Beasts
By Gene Ching

The Nature of Tradition
A Conversation with Sifu Paul Chau
By Simon McNeil

Featured Weapon
Shuang Duan Jian

Eat 'em Up and Spit 'em Out
The Four Dynamic Forces of Southern Short Range Systems
By Williy Pang

Can Kung Fu Make You a World Record Holder?
By Anthony Kelly

The Phoenix from Chen Village
By Violet Li

Zhao Bao
The Hidden Style of Tai Chi
By Selena Lu

Pilgrimage to the True Northern Shaolin Temple
By Gregory Brundage

Daoist Abbots Visit America
By Greg Lynch, Jr.

Tiger Claw's KungFuMagazine.com Championship II & Shark City Nationals
By Gene Ching

The 12th World Congress on Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine
By Violet Li

May Day for Wushu
The 18th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at U.C. Berkeley
By Gene Ching

Tai Chi Gala 2010
21st Century Celebration of Zhang San Feng
By Dale Dugas

Chollywood Rising
Foreign Devils
By Gene Ching

A Passing of One of the Great Ones
By M. J. Frank

ICMAC event in Orlando goes on its 12th year!
By Nick Scrima

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Attracts Taiwanese Professor
By Helen A. Buckett

Chollywood Rising: Foreign Devils
By Gene Ching

Kung Fu Horoscope


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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 2010 September + October

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