Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine November + December 2010

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine November/December 2010 COVER STORY
Making the Grade
By Gene Ching

Wu Di: The Power of Smooth
Skills of a Drunken Swordsman

By Emilio Alpanseque

The Value of the Sweep
By K. Tanaka

The Importance of Breathing in Martial Arts
By Jáchym Jerie

The Four Levels of Internal Training
By Kay F. Empsey

Energy Borrowing
By Hector Lareau

Jump Higher!
16 Pointers for Flying Kicks and Flips
By Gene Ching

There?s NO Tiger in This Wine!
By Marc Velez

Featured Weapon
Butterfly Knives

The Real Kreese
By Zhao Xiaohu

Tournament - Events - News
The Chin Woo Centennial
Legends of Kung Fu & Taiji Legacy 2010
By Gene Ching

DRAGON HOUSE 3 at the Kezar Pavilion
By Greg Hebert

The First Annual Golden Dragon Cup
By Gigi Oh and Zhao Xiaohu

Looking forward to 2011 and beyond
By Nick Scrima

Final Weapon
A Film from Lou Reed and Ren Guangyi
By Joe Hsiao

Shaolin Temple Earns UNESCO World Heritage Status
By Gene Ching

International Wushu and Dance Invitational
By Gigi Oh and Zhao Xiaohu

Chollywood Rising: Everybody Wing Chun Tonight
By Gene Ching

Kung Fu Horoscope

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November/December 2010 issue

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