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Thread: A Tiger's Tale by Patrick Lugo

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    New webcomic!

    A Tigerís Tale: Tamo & Tea
    The final #tigertuesday post for 2021 is a webcomic first! Created entirely on an iPad using the app PROCREATE this comic tells the tale of Tamo & Tea
    Name:  Tamo_N_TeaBRANDED.jpg
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    #atigerstale #free #webcomic #procreateart #tamo #bodhidarma #shaolin #zen #meditation #buddhism #tea #puerhaddict #greentea #linkinbio

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    An Introduction to Tea

    As a “thank you” for support subscribers received an 8 page PDF excerpted from the book Haute Tea Cuisine: New Techniques for Tea-Infused French Cooking by Fred Lit Yu you can read the intro here:
    Name:  Into2HauteTea.jpg
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    Your # has no value here...

    You should copy these two to our Tea thread.
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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    Special Announcement!

    Is this a cover reveal? Perhaps.

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    Or itís a teaser to check out todayís #tigertuesday post on There are only four weeks remaining before the official launch of #atigerstale and thereís so much yet to share with you!

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    Normally Iím the one asking questions. But this interview with Solo Nerd Bird Podcast made for an illuminating view of my journey from comic artist to graphic designer / illustrator and back.

    You can find it on the usual podcast servers
    Apple Podcasts

    But if you want the visuals - including what works of art are in arms reach at any given moment - here's the video...

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    Comics Unscripted Interview

    I was invited to talk my project A Tiger's Tale on the Foreign Press podcast COMICS UNSCRIPTED
    Name:  CUS-FPC-interview.jpg
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    We ended up discussing a lot of Kung Fu type philosophy and the difference between THE TAO OF POOH and BLACK WIDOW
    Name:  BW.jpg
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Size:  87.6 KBName:  TaoofPooh - 1.jpg
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    The comics fu show: #3

    Brad Graeber is a pillar in the field of Animation. He is the founder and CEO/CCO of Powerhouse Animation which you may recall from KungFuMagazine's coverage of Seis Manos (Plus Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Castlevania, Blood of Zeus). As a lifelong Martial Artist and Kung Fu exponent he joined my co-host Kurtis and I to talk Kung Fu, MMA, animations and more.

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    By none other than THE GENE CHING
    Name:  ATT-Ching-endorcement.jpg
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    Tiger Tuesday with Sifu Brian Kuttel!

    Brian Kuttel is Program Director of the Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Center and a full-time instructor. He earned the title of Sifu and was accepted as a disciple under Tai Sifu Jason J. Wong in 2014. He has generously offered to share some of his teachings on the tiger of Choy Li Fut. This spotlight includes excerpts from his article originally published in the April 2018 of KUNG FU TAI CHI
    Name:  2EDCF0A4-2930-4962-8B9E-3809A73DCDFF.jpg
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    as well as some practical training videos, like this one...

    check it out.

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    Iíve asked a few amazing friends to join me in celebrating the arrival of Year of the Tiger with a series of Tiger Talks - check the teaser trailer via @YouTube
    I bet you'll recognize a face or two.

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    PLUGO + Sifu Mimi Chan

    Cover Master and Modern Day Mulan had me over for a Facebook Live update on A TIGER's TALE on kickstarter!
    Name:  Mimi-n-me.jpg
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    Learn more at

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    I kept saying "I wouldn't call myself a Martia Artist"

    And yet he kept describing me as one! Then I realized he probably thinks I'm being humbled and that the more I deny it the more I probably am! Either way I was doomed.
    Surprisingly, I ended up sounding almost wise! Check it out.

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    Has anyone noticed the Kickstarter Campaign?

    Been a little busy Riding the Tiger so I haven't posted much.

    But I'll be interviewed live on the show STORY COMIC later today
    Name:  StoryComic.jpg
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    4:PM PST | 7:PM EST

    Hope to catch some of you there with some questions and announcements!

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    Looking for FOUR NEW BACKERS!

    So check it out, the campaign has just passed the 50 backer mark. We just need 4 new backers to unlock free posters for those FIRST 55!
    Name:  1st55.jpg
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    Even folks who only want a PDF can have a poster if they're part of those 1st 55!

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    Tiger Talk this Tuesday!

    Remember Anthony Kelly, Guinness World Record holder for such thing as catching arrows, catching them blindfolded and over 50 more.
    He was featured in the October 2010 issue of KUNG FU TAI CHI. He joined me on the latest episode of TIGER TALK
    Tiger Talk 2 with Guinness Book of world record holder Anthony Kelly

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