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Thread: Curious; Shaolin Wushu Kids?

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    Curious; Shaolin Wushu Kids?

    Has anyone ever done a follow up about the lives of the kids after they graduate from one of the big wushu/shaolin schools in China? Those schools always appeared to me to be the best-of-the-bad options for poor people in China. Do they get a classic education along with the physical education at those places? Do they go on to universities? How are they employed afterwards?

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    Taking the liberty of moving this to the Shaolin forum MB

    The kids do get a 'classic education' which I'm sure varies in quality from school to school. I'm told there are opportunities in enforcement and wushu coaching for someone graduating from these schools. I only know of the wushu coaches as several of the more recent generations of Songshan Shaolin instructors that have immigrated to our area are graduates from these school, raised from childhood.

    And there's the celebs (who are really outliers but worthy of mention here):

    Granted, this is only a tiny percentage of Shaolin graduates.
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