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There are twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, each governing a year. On top of the twelve animals, there are five elements which alternate across the animals. Five times twelve equals sixty so the complete Chinese Zodiac cycle is known as the Cycle of Sixty. The succession of elements over this sixty-year cycle is simple. Each element influences two consecutive years. After ten years, when all five elements have passed twice, it repeats from the beginning again. After six repetitions of elements, a cycle of sixty is complete. For example, the year 2012 was the Water Dragon. The following year, 2013 is still governed by water, so it will be the Water Snake. The cycle continues as follows: 2014: Wood Horse, 2015: Wood Ram, 2016: Fire Monkey, 2017: Fire Rooster, 2018: Earth Dog, 2019: Earth Pig, 2020: Gold Rat, 2021: Gold Ox. Then the elements repeat. The next Dragon (in 2024) will be the Wood Dragon. You can do the math for the rest of the cycle.

Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine began running Kung Fu Horoscopes by Feng Shui Master Wilson Sun with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching in the November 2000 issue. We were the first newsstand magazine to publish Chinese-based horoscopes in English (and perhaps the last – if any anyone else publishing Chinese horoscopes in print magazines now, please let us know).

Master Sun’s quarterly Kung Fu Horoscopes column was at the end of each issue and covered lunar cycle predictions for each sign of the Chinese zodiac. It was a poetic way to conclude each issue with a glimpse of the future. I’m sad to say that we’ve discontinued that. We concluded the series with the folding of our print magazine.

We were also the first to publish Chinese Horoscopes in English right here on the web. These were extracted from the same Master Sun’s Kung Fu Horoscopes that we ran in print, although we omitted some of the details. Master Sun is a major advocate of dietotherapy so he included recipes for herb-infused rice congee and other medicinal foods concocted with his astrological forecast for a balanced future. We didn’t include those in the web version. We saved them just for the print magazine.

Additionally, Gene included a relevant quote from a celebrity that shared each sign at the end of their predictions. Gene felt that showcasing public figures that shared the zodiac signs would provide subtle clues to the nature of that animal. Those are compiled within each individual zodiac prediction. The collection of quotes goes back twenty years, the entire length of the print run of Kung Fu Horoscopes. We had a great run in print.

We are continuing to publish Master Sun’s annual forecast here on the web and plan to keep publishing these as long as KungFuMagazine remains viable. Maybe someday we’ll pick up again with Master Sun’s monthly predictions, but not right now.

Thank you for your continued support.

  • Rat: 1936 Fire, 1948 Earth, 1960 Metal, 1972 Water, 1984 Wood, 1996 Fire, 2008 Earth, 2020 Metal
  • Ox: 1937 Fire, 1949 Earth, 1961 Metal, 1973 Water, 1985 Wood, 1997 Fire, 2009 Earth, 2021 Metal
  • Tiger: 1938 Earth, 1950 Metal, 1962 Water, 1974 Wood, 1986 Fire, 1998 Earth, 2010 Metal, 2022 Water
  • Hare: 1939 Earth, 1951 Metal, 1963 Water, 1975 Wood, 1987 Fire, 1999 Earth, 2011 Metal, 2023 Water
  • Dragon: 1940 Metal, 1952 Water, 1964 Wood, 1976 Fire, 1988 Earth, 2000 Metal, 2012 Water, 2024 Wood
  • Snake: 1929 Earth, 1941 Metal, 1953 Water, 1965 Wood, 1977 Fire, 1989 Earth, 2001 Metal, 2013 Water
  • Horse: 1930 Metal, 1942 Water, 1954 Wood, 1966 Fire, 1978 Earth, 1990 Metal, 2002 Water, 2014 Wood
  • Ram: 1931 Metal, 1943 Water, 1955 Wood, 1967 Fire, 1979 Earth, 1991 Metal, 2003 Water, 2015 Wood
  • Monkey: 1920 Metal, 1932 Water, 1944 Wood, 1956 Fire, 1968 Earth, 1980 Metal, 1992 Water, 2004 Wood
  • Rooster: 1933 Water, 1945 Wood, 1957 Fire, 1969 Earth, 1981 Metal, 1993 Water, 2005 Wood, 2017 Fire
  • Dog: 1934 Wood, 1946 Fire, 1958 Earth, 1970 Metal, 1982 Water, 1994 Wood, 2006 Fire, 2018 Earth
  • Pig: 1935 Wood, 1947 Fire, 1959 Earth, 1971 Metal, 1983 Water, 1995 Wood, 2007 Fire, 2019 Earth Fire