Kungfu Magazine 2002 May/June

Kungfu Magazine 2002 May/June Cover Story
Xian Gao: Kungfu's Crouching Tiger

A Martial Arts Odyssey from Western China to the Set of Ang Lee

Lady Green Snake
Wushu's Slinky Champion, Jenny Tang
By Gene Ching

David Carradine
On the Legacy of TV's Kung Fu and How the Martial Arts Changed His Life
By Thomas McNulty

War Palm
Techniques by Lam Chun Fai

The Fist of the Phoenix
Kung Fu's Mythical Creature Targets Pressure Points for Deadly Accuracy
By Ruben Villarreal

Cat Pushups and Dragon Claws:
Secrets of O-Mei Kungfu Featuring Sifu Tony Chen
By Gene Ching

My Hong Kong Days with Grandmaster Yip Man
(Wing Chun: The Guiding Light Part II)
By Allan Che Kong Lee

The Origins and History of Chi Sim Shaolin Weng Chun
New Discoveries in Unique Wing Chun Lineage Link Southern Styles
By Benny Meng and Jeremy Roadruck

Snakes of Fire
The serpentine blades of kungfu
By Gene Ching

The Tai Chi Mind
Superior Focus, Concentration, and Mental Strength
By Peter Gryffin

Pre- and Post- Birth Qigong
The 3 Treasures of Internal Practice and the 6 Alignments of Bagua Zhang
By Bill Lewitt

Cung Le San Jose Fight Event Rocks the House
"United For the Children" Benefits 9/11 Orphans

Disney Hosts Successful International Wushu - Kungfu Festival
1st Corporate Sponsor on the Road to Olympics?
By Martha Burr

Wushu Clears an Olympic Hoop
- But More to Come
By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

Kungfu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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