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Alpanseque, Emilio & Wong, Matt
Hung Gar: The Traditional Heart of Modern Nanquan 2011 Mar/Apr
Berwick, Stephan
Chen Taijiquan: The Ultimate Grappling Art? 2004 May/Jun
Berwick, Stephan Donnie Yen: The Evolution of an American Martial Artist 2000 July
Berwick, Stephan Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing: The Simple Wisdom of a Village Grandmaster 2005 Sep/Oct
Berwick, Stephan Innovating Traditional Martial Arts: Ren Guangyi's 5 Step Roadmap 2007 Sep/Oct
Berwick, Stephan Taiji Principles for Business & Life: A Martial Arts Profile of Jonathon Miller - CEO AOL 2006 Mar/Apr
Borkland, Herb Salute to Wushu 1995 Summer
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Bruce Lee's Biography 1998 Spring Special
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Buck Sam Kong Tames the Tiger 1998 September
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Chen Taiji's Ren Guang-Yi: A Modern Master's Journey 2000 August
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Chen Zhen Lei: Handing Down the Family Treasure of Chen Taijiquan 1999 July
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Cung Le: Sanshou's Golden Boy 1998 November
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Eagle vs. Eagle: Lily Lau & Tai Yim Explore Contrasting Eagle Styles 2001 May/Jun
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Hung Gar's Lam Chun Fai 2002 Mar/Apr
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Jet Li is Still the Hero: Kungfu and Hip Hop Collide in Romeo Must Die 2000 April
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 1999 Special
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Lou Reed:A Walk on the Wild Side of Tai Chi 2003 May/Jun
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Opening & Closing the Gates of Heaven:Helen Liang - Triumph over Tragedy; Battling Lymphoma;with Qigong, Tai Chi & Chinese Medicine 2003 Jul/Aug
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman: Wah Lam Temple's Heritage Flows from Pui Chan to Mimi Chan 2000 June
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. The Big Jet Li Interview 2001 Nov/Dec
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. The Jet Li Story 1998 May
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. The Kungfu Genius Behind THE MATRIX: Yuen Woo Ping Works his Magic on Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves 1999 May
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. The Shaolin Story: 1500 Years 1999 January
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. Transformation of a Monk: Shaolin Star Zhang Li Peng (aka Shi Xing Peng) Comes to Brooklyn 2002 Jan/Feb
Burr, Martha, Ph.D. World Champion Yuan Wen Qing: China's Brightest Star 1998 March
Castinado, Marian K.
Choy Li Fut's Power Techniques 1994 Spring
Castinado, Marian K. Empress of the Eagles 1996 Oct/Nov
Castinado, Marian K. Full-Contact Kung Fu: Sport of the Future? 1994 Fall
Castinado, Marian K. Hsing-Jing's Explosive Power! 1996 January
Castinado, Marian K. Kungfu's Screen Queen 1996 Feb/Mar
Castinado, Marian K. Secret of Chen Village 1995 Fall
Chan Kai Leung Monkey King: Chan Sau Chung's Journey to the West 2001 Mar/Apr
Chan Kai Leung Wu Song Breaks Manacles: Rare Kungfu Form Inspired by Outlaws of the Marsh Has a Comeback 2002 Jul/Aug
Chen, Calvin Drunken Kungfu: Techniques of the 8 Immortals with Phillip Wong 2000 November
Chiang, Yun Chung, Ph.D. Fukien White Crane:Intellectual Boxing 1992 Winter
Ching Hing Wah The Forbidden Fist of Bak Mei Kungfu: Grandmaster "Fishmonger" Qiang & his Son Zhong Luo 2000 December
Ching, Gene A Diamond of the Fruitful Forest: Shaolin Temple Overseas & Monk Shi Guolin 2000 August
Ching, Gene American Wudang 2009 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene Chain Reaction 2009 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene Birth of the Dragon - A Kung Fu Nerd Becomes Bruce Lee 2016 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene Cung Le Brings Sanshou into the Cage 2008 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene From Hard to Soft: Master Jack Fu Trades Sanshou for Push Hands 2007 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene Generations: Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu and His Daughter Helen 2007 May/June
Ching, Gene Great American Great Grandmaster 2010 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene Hip Hop Fist: Wu-Tang Chan's RZA and his Sifu, Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming 1999 September
Ching, Gene History of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 2012 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene INTO THE BADLANDS with Daniel Wu 2016 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene Is The Karate Kid a Kung Fu Dream? 2010 July/Aug
Ching, Gene Jack Tu: Jackie Chan’s Disciple 2015 July/Aug
Ching, Gene Jet Li Is Fearless 2006 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene Keeping Secrets: Grandmaster David Chin's Legacy of Hop Gar Rebels and Guang Ping Tai Chi Revolutionaries 2006 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene Kung Fu Gallant 2012 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene Magnum Force: Meet Grandmaster Alexander Tao, Founder of China's Police Combat Method, Jing Quan Dao 2001 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene Making the Grade 2010 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene Master Jimmy Wong and the Legends of Kung Fu 2009 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene Meet Shaolin's New Leader- Abbot Shi Yongxin 2000 Special
Ching, Gene Numchuk Skills: Calligrapher, Photographer, Riot Police Trainer Master Li Yancai 2005 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene Old School Street Fighter: Master Hoy Lee, the Father of American Jow Gar 2008 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene Radical Taiji 1997 Dec/Jan
Ching, Gene Ray Park: The Force of Wushu 2016 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene Real vs. Fake: Shaolin Monk Shi Decheng on What Makes a Monk 2004 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene Respect and Discipline: Grandmaster John Leong Honors Tradition 2008 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene RZA on The Man with the Iron Fists 2012 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene Shaolin Brothers Go West 1999 December
Ching, Gene Shaolin Trinity: Shaolin Monk Shi Dejian Discusses the 3 Treasures 2005 May/Jun
Ching, Gene Street Fighting Man 2009 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene That Kung Fu Guy 2010 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene The Big Monk of Shaolin Temple: Mantis Grandmaster Yu Hai 2007 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene The Commitment to Preserving the Art 2010 March/April
Ching, Gene The First Shaolin Monk in America: Hai Deng, the One-Finger Handstand Master 2007 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene The World Heritage of Shaolin: Interview with Venerable Shi Yongxin, Abbot of Shaolin Temple 2003 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene The Wushu Champion from Shaolin 2011 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene To Protect and Serve: Tony Chen Teaches Kung Fu Secrets to Police 2004 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene Unconventional Weapons 2014 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene Virgin Kung Fu 2010 May/June
Ching, Gene Where Wushu Went Wrong: Wushu's Leading Champion, Zhao Changjun, Extols Traditional 2006 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene Wing Tsun Worldwide: Grandmaster Leung Ting Opens the Door 2003 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene Wushu Out of the Olympics... Again 2013 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene & Burr, Martha, Ph.D From Shaolin Temple to Bruce Lee-100 Kungfu Styles of the Past Millennium 2000 January
Ching, Gene & Burr, Martha, Ph.D Kungfu's Top 100 Weapons of the Millennium 2000 December
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Bigger! Longer! Harder! Grandmaster Tu Jin Sheng on Iron Crotch, Qigong & the Arts 2003 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi 8 Diagrams of Modern Wushu 2016 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Escaping Buddha's Grasp 2011 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Explosive Power 2013 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi How Martial Arts Can Make It in the Movies 2014 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Iron Palm and Wolf's Hair Brush 2009 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Martial Mindfulness and the Chan of Modern Wushu 2014 May/Jun
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi It Takes a Village: The Taiji Economy of Chenjiagou 2009 May/June
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Putting Balls into Tai Chi 2012 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Cane Sword of Kung Fu 2012 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Chinese Samurai Sword 2011 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Form and Will of Internal Power 2014 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Kung Fu Legacy of Outlaws of the Marsh 2011 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Most Popular Martial Art in the World 2015 May/Jun
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Kung Fu Legacy of Outlaws of the Marsh 2014 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Olympic Martial Arts of Asia 2016 May/June
Ching, Gene w/Jang, Johnny MD The Mysterious Martial Mountain: Revealing the Secrets of O-Mei Kungfu with Chen Jian & Tony Chen 2000 September
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Soft Fist 2013 May/June
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Sword & the Chalice: Master Zhang Anji Reveals the Secrets of Drunken Sword 2005 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi The Taiji from Qingcheng Mountain 2015 Nov/Dec
Ching, Gene & Oh, Gigi Why Forms Fail 2016 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi Escaping Buddha's Grasp 2011 Sep/Oct
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi It Takes a Village: The Taiji Economy of Chenjiagou 2009 May/June
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi Kung Fu, Wushu and the Cultural Revolution 2017 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi Putting Balls into Tai Chi 2012 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi The Grandmother of Kung Fu: Master David Charng and the Legacy of Shuai Chiao 2006 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi The Most Popular Martial Art in the World 2015 May/Jun
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi The Movie Monk 2011 Mar/Apr
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi The Spade, the Whip and the Mountain Gate 2012 May/June
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi The Wolf at the Door 2011 July/Aug
Ching, Gene w/Oh, Gigi Zhao's Stronghold 2013 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene w/Jang, Johnny MD The Mysterious Martial Mountain: Revealing the Secrets of O-Mei Kungfu with Chen Jian & Tony Chen 2000 September
Ching, Gene w/Wan, Richard The Lion King: Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung & the Fighting Lions of Yau Kung Mon 2004 Jan/Feb
Ching, Gene w/Wan, Richard The Heaviest Weapon of Tai Chi 2014 Jul/Aug
Ching, Gene w/Yun Xiang Tseng The Chief Priest of Wudang Mountain: The First English Interview with Taoist Grandmaster Zhong Yun Long 2003 Sep/Oct
Chung, Melody Wu Bin - The Father of Modern Wushu 2007 March/April
Doob, Steve
George Xu and Zhang Xuexin: 2 Tigers on the Same Mountain 1992 Fall
Feldman, Bob
Xian Gao: Kungfu's Crouching Tiger 2002 May/Jun
Fernandez, Nez & Sanchez, Marie From the Strength of Many: Kajukenbo's Classic Blend Produces a Deadly Street System. 1995 Spring
Fusco, John FORBIDDEN FIST: The Making of THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM 2008 Jul/Aug
Garripoli, Francesco Garri
The Quest for Longevity: A Taoist Perspective 2002 Sep/Oct
Hagood, Roger D.
Ming Lum, Martial Arts Ambassador: Godfather to Two Generations 1993 Summer
Harris, Michelle J. The Weapons of Chop Lay Fut 1999 November
Holder, Philip How the Yin/Yang Principle can make you a Better Fighter 1996 Aug/Sep
Hsu, Adam Pa Kua Chang (Baguazhang): Around the World in 8 Palm Changes 1992 Spring
Hsu, Adam Taking Baji Quan and Piguazhang Worldwide 1997 Jun/Jul
Hsu, Adam Family of Lions 2017 Mar/Apr
Jain, Susan Pertel Ph.D.
Hu Jianqiang - Wushu Star of Zhejiang and Shaolin Temple 1999 October
Keit, Joe
The Rare Drunken Form of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu 2001 Jul/Aug
Kreng, John Talking With Jackie Chan 1997 Feb/Mar
Kreng, John The Digital Dragon-Bruce Lee on DVD 2000 March
Kreng, John & Abe, Tsuyoshi Bruce Lee's Wooden Dummy Sets 1999 March
Lee, Harlan
Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen: The Kung Fu of five Ancient systems 1995 Winter
Lee, Henry Lee & White, Harry A. Secrets of Southern Praying Mantis:Henry Poo Yee's story 1992 Summer
Loewenhagen, Richard J. Rediscovering The Roots of Wing Chun: Benny Meng Takes Up the Challenge… 2001 Sep/Oct
Naughton, Dianne
Master Pan's Champions 1996 Apr/May
Naughton, Dianne Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu's Joint Locks-Qin Na's Paralyzing Grip 2000 February
Nieves, Ervin Ch'an Buddhism and Shaolin Martial Arts: Shaolin Monk Shi Guolin Unveils Shaolin's True Essence 1997 Oct/Nov
Nieves, Ervin w/Kruse, Jens A Shaolin Hero in America 1996 Jun/Jul
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene
Muslim Master of the Old Empire: An Interview with China's Highest Level Grandmaster Ma Xianda 2002 Nov/Dec
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene Shaolin Masters Keeping the Faith 2008 Nov/Dec
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene Six Harmonies and Eight Methods 2015 Mar/Apr
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene The Bald Eagle 2015 Sep/Oct
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene The Big Dragon with the Magic Fists: China's Great Grandmaster Cai Longyun 2005 Nov/Dec
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene The Tradition of Modern Wushu: Pioneering Grandmaster Qian Yuanze 2008 May/June
Oh, Gigi & Ching, Gene The Two-Handed Sword Reborn 2012 Jul/Aug
Oh, Gigi w/Ching, Gene & Oh, Jonathan The Circle of Eight: Bagua Master He Jing-Han Discusses Tradition, Fast Food and Art of Sax 2004 Nov/Dec
Reid, Craig, Ph.D.
Jet Li: From White House to Gold Mansion 2004 Sep/Oct
Reid, Craig, Ph.D. The Stormriders: Hong Kong's Latest Kungfu Extravaganza Breaks Box Office Records 2000 May
Sanford, Broc
Reluctant Hero 1997 Apr/May
Tei, Todd Shawn
Attack the Attack! The Wing Chun Warrior's Attack Strategy 1997 Aug/Sep
Udo, Annabelle A.
Eric Lee 1993 Fall
Udo, Annabelle A. The Birth of WKF 1994 Winter
Webb, Jeff and Dr. Leung Ting
Wing Tsun's Devastating Long Pole 2005 Mar/Apr
Weng, Chi-hsiu D. Ph.D. The Poem of Shuai-Chiao Unveiled 1994 Summer
Weng, Chi-hsiu D. Ph.D. Taoism:The Way of the Universe 1998 Dec/Jan
White, Lori Ann Creating the World of the Warrior: John Fusco and Marco Polo 2015 Jan/Feb
Wu, Wen-Ching Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang Journey from Sichuan: The Adventures of an Extraordinary Martial Artist 2000 October
Wu-Monnat, Grace Xiaogao Growing up with Wang Ziping and Madam Wang Jurong 1998 June
Yee, Frank translation Yee, Pedro Cepero
The Method of Hung Ga's Ging 2006 May/June
Yim Tai Free Sparring: Conditioning for the Ring 1993 Spring